CA Foundation Principles and Practice of Accounting

Accounts is one of the four papers in the CA Foundation level. It covers the principles and practice of accounting for various types of entities and transactions. To master this subject, you need to have a clear understanding of the accounting concepts, standards, and procedures. You also need to practice the questions from the past papers, mock test papers, and revision test papers.

At, we provide you with the best study materials for Accounts, such as:

  • Handwritten notes by experts and toppers
  • Summary notes for quick revision and recall
  • Detailed notes and chart book for conceptual clarity and understanding
  • Mock test papers, past papers, and revision test papers for practice and assessment

You can download these notes for free by clicking on below mentioned categories and from app also access them anytime and anywhere. Our notes are updated as per the latest ICAI guidelines and exam pattern. They include the latest amendments, case laws, and MCQs that are relevant for the exam.

CA Foundation Notes

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